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CV TRAVEL is a travel agency based in Riga, Latvia, which was founded with the purpose to offer leisure and medical tourism services.

Founders of the company are active travellers, who, during their many years of traveling, have gained experience in travel planning. Moreover, they have established robust relationships with several renowned companies within the travel industry.

Having been in touch with other travelers, they noticed that not always travel planning and scheduling was as smooth as one would hope for. Travel anxiety, one of the greatest frustrations for travelers, would accompany individuals, families and business professionals for various reasons, starting with cost of the travel, ending with the reliability of chosen travel agency and quality of the service.

Thats why our goal is to help and assist our clients in travel scheduling and planning, whether visiting Latvia or other foreign countries. Whether it is a hotel reservation, obtaining a visa, or transfer from airport to your hotel, we can take care of it. Our services are provided to various types of clients – individuals, families and business professionals. As we seek to provide the best experience possible, each and every offered service is tailored for clients needs and wants.

To ensure that our customer will be satisfied, we collaborate only with tested and recognized companies.

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